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        white fused alumina grit

        Product Origin: China(Mainland)
        Purchaser: Haixu abrasives Co.,Ltd
        AU Level:
        Post Date: Sep 26, 2019
        Specific Requirement:

        White fused alumina
        White fused alumina was made from the high quality alumina by melting above 2000 in the electric arc furnace and cooling. It is white with the main crystal phase alpha-Al2O3.
        Granularity sand/Granular sand/ particle size/ grit size sand/grain size sand:
        FEPA Standard:F8 F10 F12 F14 F16 F20 F22 F24 F30 F36 F46 F54 F60 F70 F80 F90 F100 F120 F150 F180 F220
        JIS Standard: #8 #10 #12 #14 #16 #20 #24 #30 #36 #46 #54 #60 #70 #80 #90 #100 #120 #150 #180 #220
        Al2O3 99.5min
        Fe2O3 0.04max
        Na2O 0.26max
        SiO2 0.02max
        Main Physical Properties
        Mohs hardness 9.0
        Bulk density 1.75-1.95g/cm3
        Specific gravity 3.95g/cm3
        ?1?Refractory,Furnace Burden,Castable,Ramming Compoynd,Refractory Bricks etc
        ?2?Blasting,surface Treatment,Rust Removal
        ?3?Cusmetics products manufacturing,Beauty crafts and Dermabrasion etc
        ?4?Ceramic products
        ?5?Grinding wheels,sandpaper etc
        ?6?Glaze,floor coating,Floor / Wall Laminates
        ?7?raw material of Knife Grinder,Whetstone,oilstone,grinding stone,abrasive stones and so on
        ?8?Used to produce Polishing wax,polishing fluid,grinding powder,grinding fluid and so on
        ?9?Wear-resisting floor
        ?10?Brake linings
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        Address: 1 building,Lvdi Centre,DaXue Road
        Postcode: 450000
        Telephone: +86 371 63211281
        Fax: 86 371 603056
        Website: https://zzhaixu.en.alibaba.com/
        Marketing man : globa
        Phone/Mobile: 86 18039336686
        Email: Cassiel@zzhaixu.cn

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