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        GIA Announces “Introduction to Merchandising” Course

        Post Date: 13 Nov 2017    Viewed: 4715

        GIA is pleased to offer “Introduction to Merchandising” – a four-day course covering the planning, development and implementation of a strategy to sell products that meet sales and profit targets. Participants will learn merchandising concepts and practises important for long term success in the jewellery industry.

        “Introduction to Merchandising” will help participants develop an understanding of the Indian jewellery marketplace and its target markets, learn how to choose a market position and appropriately target customers, and understand relevant product assortment development, planning and marketing. Participants will also be taught the concepts of budgeting and forecasting, the development of category and price point plans, how to make manufacturing and buying decisions, the concept of inventory management, and how to use visual merchandising strategies to maximise the sales process.

        GIA also offers full-time courses on diamonds, coloured stones, pearls, jewellery design and more. In addition, the Institute conducts corporate seminars on jewellery-related topics across more than 60 cities in India. 

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        Superhard Material of China

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